Dolphins' image continues to take hits

The Miami Dolphins surely cannot be happy about their national image after several weeks of botched general manager interviews. But this was just the latest questionable event that caught people’s attention in NFL circles.

It started with the Richie Incognito-Jonathan Martin bullying scandal in October and November. It continued during Miami’s late-season collapse in December. It certainly didn’t stop as multiple candidates turned down Miami’s GM opening due to questions about the team’s structure.

Based on conversations I’ve had with people around the NFL, it’s clear the Dolphins do not have the most pristine image around the league. Fair or not, it’s hard to argue with the results over the past season.

As Miami’s image continues to take a hit, it’s important now more than ever for the Dolphins to get their business straightened out behind the scenes. There was a falling out in the second half of last season between former general manager Jeff Ireland and vice president of football administration Dawn Aponte and head coach Joe Philbin. The power structure was questioned by candidates who backed out and felt uncomfortable.

It is one thing to have the media question the Dolphins. But this is not a media creation. There is a feeling around the NFL that Miami has questionable leadership at the top and a questionable structure.

The Dolphins must do better to fix their image around the league. After five consecutive non-winning seasons, it will take smarter decisions and having more success moving forward.