It's time for the Ted Wells report

MIAMI -- The Richie Incognito-Jonathan Martin bullying scandal is back in the news after Martin spoke this week to NBC Sports. But Martin’s teammate, Incognito, is not letting the opportunity pass to get his side of the story out.

Incognito’s lawyer released a statement about 24 hours after the Martin interview claiming Martin was an equal participant, and that many of his claims are hollow. You can read the full transcript from Incognito’s camp here.

But the additional "he said, he said" banter this week makes it clear that it’s time for the NFL to release the Ted Wells report.

The investigation is in the books, which is clear because both sides are talking. It appears the NFL is simply holding back the report as a public relations move not to detract from Super Bowl XLVII between the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos. But the camps for Martin and Incognito created another issue by going public on the biggest football week of the year. That is not a coincidence on their part.

It’s difficult to understand the entire scope of Martin and Incognito’s strange and twisted relationship until we know -- in full detail -- everything that went on between the players and within the Dolphins' locker room. Maybe Incognito is just a meathead and Martin is thin-skinned. Or maybe Martin was legitimately bullied and Incognito was a villain. Clearly, both sides have very different interpretations.

The Wells report should cut through the gray matter and put things in perspective. Then the public can decide -- finally -- who is right and wrong in this complex drama.