Would Dan Marino to Dolphins work?

The Miami Dolphins have been a team in turmoil for the past several months. Whether it was because of a late-season collapse, firings of coaches and a general manager or the infamous bullying scandal, Miami has stayed in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

That is partially the reason there is some momentum to bring Dolphins Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino into the fold. Marino is available after being let go by CBS, and the Dolphins could use some good publicity.

But would Marino to the Dolphins work? Let’s examine the pros and cons.

  • Pros: The Dolphins need an image makeover and Marino is the most popular former Dolphin in South Florida. He was the best quarterback in franchise history. Marino’s image alone brings back memories of when the Dolphins were consistently a competitive franchise. Marino offers instant credibility. The Denver Broncos recently did a similar move by bringing back John Elway, their best quarterback, in a prominent role. The move worked wonders for Denver’s organization. Why can’t it work the same for Miami?

  • Cons: What role would Marino have? The Dolphins already have a structure where the GM (Dennis Hickey) and head coach (Joe Philbin) answer directly to owner Stephen Ross. What sense would it make to have Marino as team president or some other prominent role also answer to Ross? Also, how much does Marino really know about talent evaluation, or overseeing the process of talent evaluation? He’s never done it. Just because Elway was successful doesn’t mean Marino can have the same impact. There are also questions of whether or not Marino wants to put in the long hours it takes to work everyday in the NFL.

It seems unlikely the Dolphins would hire Marino at this stage in a prominent role. That would be disruptive to Miami’s current setup under Philbin and Hickey. A figurehead role may not be enough to satisfy Marino. The timing may not be right.