Contract breakdown: Breno Giacomini

Right tackle Breno Giacomini's contract with the New York Jets is four years, $18 million, including $7 million in guarantees, according to ESPN data.

Looking at it purely from an apples-to-apples perspective, the Jets made out nicely in the Giacomini-for-Austin Howard swap. Gone: A 27-year-old tackle with 32 career starts. His replacement: A 28-year-old tackle with 33 career starts. The dollar-for-dollar comparison, at least for 2014, is significantly different. Howard's cap charge with the Oakland Raiders is $8 million; Giacomini's charge is $2.625 million -- a huge savings for the Jets.

The question is, did they upgrade the position? They're comparable players, according to one AFC personnel executive. Howard had supporters within the Jets' organization, but general manager John Idzik made the call on this one. He spent three seasons with Giacomini in Seattle (2010-12), so he knows the player. If Giacomini flops, it's on Idzik.

One interesting note: Howard has $7.9 million in fully guaranteed money (at the time of signing), not a whole lot more than Giacomini. Clearly, the Jets saw little or no different between the players. You want to keep players like Howard in your program -- relatively young and ascending -- but Idzik obviously has a comfort level with Giacomini.

A breakdown of the contract:


Cap charge: $2.625 million

Signing bonus: $2.5 million

Roster bonus: $1.0 million (fifth day of league year)

Base salary: $1.0 million (full guaranteed)


Cap charge: $5.125 million

Base salary: $4.5 million ($2.5 million guaranteed)


Cap charge: $5.125 million

Base salary: $4.5 million


Cap charge: $5.125 million

Base salary: $4.5 million