Deciphering Vick's comments on QB race

A few thoughts on Michael Vick's comments from Thursday, his first face-to-face meeting with the New York media since signing with the New York Jets:

1. I don't think Vick was complaining about the non-open quarterback competition, as he described it. If he was complaining, he changed his tune. When he signed in March, he said, "I wouldn't say I'd necessarily be OK with sitting on the bench, but I know what I signed up for." Unless the Jets altered the ground rules between March and now (I don't think they did), Vick's comments Thursday were consistent with his stance from the outset. This time, he was just a little more ... um, candid.

2. Don't think for a second that Vick has surrendered any chance of becoming the Jets' starter. It may not happen by Week 1, but he still sees himself as an elite player. He has "unbelievable talent and uncanny skill" (his words) for a 33-year-old quarterback, and he told the New York Daily News he's capable of taking the Jets to the Super Bowl. I don't know the man, but if he's any kind of competitor, he's probably telling himself he's better than Geno Smith and will get his shot in due time. In the meantime, Vick is being politically correct.

3. I can't imagine that Vick's comments ("It's not an open competition") went over well with general manager John Idzik, whose entire philosophical platform is built on competition.

4. Leave it to the Jets to muddy a quarterback situation by sending mixed messages. Is it a competition or not? The only people in the building giving straight answers are the players; they recognize Smith as the current starter. Why won't the organization acknowledge it? Two reasons: It would violate an Idzik commandment ("Thou shalt not anoint starters in the offseason") and it leaves the Jets some wiggle room in case Smith bombs in the preseason.