Revis: Condition of knee not a concern

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Six leftover soundbites from New England Patriots cornerback Darrelle Revis:

If he's reached the point where he's not thinking about his knee: "Yeah, yeah. That's not a concern. Even though that's been a long process, it's not a concern. I'm moving great and happy to be where I'm at physically. I just want to keep building on top of that to get ready for the season."

If he views himself on being on a one-year deal: "You guys know my contract. It's out there. There is really no reason to even really get into it. I'm here. I'm here for this year. Everything else will take care of itself after the season."

On not being spotted at Wednesday's practice: "I'm fine. I'll leave the injury report up to Bill, and whatever he says he says. I was here today and I practiced today."

How good can the secondary be: "The sky is the limit but at the same we have to continue working. I felt like we improved every day, but at the same time, we're taking time off and when we get back to training camp, we have to be ready to go. We need much improvement out of everybody, including me. You can't make predictions -- who's the No. 1, 2, 3 secondary. It really doesn't matter right now."

If he is where he wants to be in the playbook: "I feel like I'm fine. The thing right now is I think overall as a team, we had good OTAs and we had a good minicamp and the only thing we can do is just build off it. That's what we're trying to do. I'm not the only new face on this team. These times right here are for us to just glue together, stick together and try to have good chemistry on the team."

If he always wears many layers on the practice field: "Always. It's just learning from the old guys when I was younger -- the Ty Laws, the David Barretts, guys that I used to look up to. You ask them the question, you come out in shorts and a T-shirt and they're dressed in the long-sleeves and sweat jackets and you're like 'Why are you wearing that?' All DBs say, 'You have to stay warm because we run a lot.' That's the answer, you have to stay warm. I tend to always be covered. And I don't want to get a tan either."