Could Sebastian Vollmer be a fit at LG?

An interesting scenario was presented by Ben Volin of the Boston Globe on Saturday morning. As the New England Patriots consider their best offensive line configuration following the trade of Logan Mankins, could moving Sebastian Vollmer to left guard be part of the solution?

Considering this possibility brings us back to Thursday's blog post on the balance between a team playing its best five linemen versus picking the best overall combination.

Four-year veteran Marcus Cannon is a starting-caliber lineman, but with Vollmer (right) and Nate Solder (left) locking down the tackle spots, it pushes him out of the top-unit line unless he's at guard.

And from this view, Cannon isn't as effective at guard. He doesn't seem as comfortable at that spot.

Maybe Vollmer would be. And then the Patriots wouldn't lose much, if at all, in the Cannon-for-Vollmer swap at right tackle because Cannon has already proven he's capable of playing there and at a high level.

It's something the Patriots, according to Volin, are at least considering at this point.