Week 13 power rankings: AFC East

The Week 13 ESPN.com NFL Power Rankings are out.

What we learn this week is that AFC South grandboss Paul Kuharsky has a thing for the AFC East.

Even though he ranks the Buffalo Bills lower than any of the other panelists, Kuharsky still rates AFC East teams much more favorably across the board, giving them an average 16.75 ranking -- nobody placed the New England Patriots, Miami Dolphins or New York Jets higher than he did.

Kuharsky explains his rationale on the AFC South blog.

In addition to Kuharsky, the power rankings panel consists of ESPN senior writers John Clayton and Jeffri Chadiha and NFC West blogger Mike Sando.

No. 6 New England Patriots

  • Last week's rating: No. 4

  • Best rating: No. 4 (Kuharsky)

  • Worst rating: No. 8 (Clayton)

  • Note: I thought the Patriots would drop a bit more than they did. This isn't a precipitous drop for the Patriots. In fact they were ranked No. 6 after their narrow loss to the Indianapolis Colts with a high of fourth (Clayton and Kuharsky) and a low of eighth (Sando).

No. 19 Miami Dolphins

  • Last week's rating: No. 17

  • Best rating: No. 18 (Clayton, Kuharsky)

  • Worst rating: No. 20 (Sando, Chadiha)

  • Note: The Dolphins had been gaining momentum up the power rankings grid from a season low of No. 24 after a 0-3 start. They could have peaked above .500 for the first time with a victory over the No. 24 Bills. Instead, the Dolphins sink backward to their worst rating in a month.

No. 21 New York Jets

  • Last week's rating: No. 22

  • Best rating: No. 19 (Kuharsky)

  • Worst rating: No. 21 (Sando, Chadiha)

  • Note: The Jets finally won a game at home, but the pollsters weren't impressed with a victory over the No. 22 Carolina Panthers to nudge the Jets any higher than one spot.

No. 24 Buffalo Bills

  • Last week's rating: No. 27

  • Best rating: No. 22 (Sando)

  • Worst rating: No. 26 (Kuharsky)

  • Note: After two highly competitive weeks under interim head coach Perry Fewell, the Bills jumped three spots, ties for the healthiest bump with the No. 10 Denver Broncos and the No. 16 Tennessee Titans.