Sapp predicts Porter will abuse Raiders

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham
Warren Sapp couldn't just predict a big game for Miami Dolphins outside linebacker Joey Porter against the Oakland Raiders on Sunday and leave it at that.

No, Sapp had to take his analysis to the extreme, as he's wont to do.

Sapp, a weekly guest on Miami radio station WQAM with former Dolphins tight end Jim Mandich, ragged on Raiders left tackle Kwame Harris.

"You can't give a team that is not on your level any life to play with you," Sapp said. "If the Dolphins come out, get Porter talking and going crazy ... Get on the quarterback because that left tackle couldn't block my little girl. I watched the tape. The guy couldn't block Mercedes Sapp. I promise you he couldn't. She takes him to the house."

Porter, or somebody on the Dolphins defense, better have a big game now.

"The Dolphins have to be ready to take their punch, make them miss, and then knock them out right then," Sapp said, "because once you get a team like that in your house and you punch them in the mouth and you knock them down, they'll quit. They'll quit because they know they are not as good as you, and they know they don't have a chance. So you can't give them life."