Learn from the bastions of fundamentals

Certain folks might watch Bob Ross on PBS so they can learn how to paint happy trees.

Others might like to flip on Martha Stewart and learn how to make a Christmas wreath out of old bars of soap and discharged shell casings.

But those interested in learning something a little more practical, like making a proper combination block and zone read against a 4-3 defense, should check out USAFootball.com's All-Fundamentals team.

USA Football and the NFL Players Association have put together a cool package of how-to videos and drills for key football fundamentals to teach youth players and coaches.

A selection committee comprised of former NFL players, coaches and executives chose the 26 best players to represent various refined skills. Each player is featured in a video that shows the player executing the fundamental and an interactive drill to master it.

Three AFC East players were selected.

New England Patriots receiver Wes Welker was chosen for catching with his hands. New York Jets left guard Alan Faneca was chosen as the best combo/zone blocker. Brian Moorman of the Buffalo Bills was deemed to have the finest punting mechanics.

There are some surprises on the list. Raise your hand if you know who Moran Norris is. Be honest ... He was selected as the best run blocker.