Dolphins coverage units playing Russian roulette

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham
Jason Allen, probably the Miami Dolphins' best coverage man on special teams, summed up the situation perfectly.

"We are playing dodge ball with bullets," Allen told reporter Craig Barnes, writing for CBS Sports.com. "If we keep putting the offense and defense in bad holes, it will eventually cost us."

How appropriate then that a guy named Johnnie Lee Higgins -- assassins always are known by all three names -- returned a punt 93 yards for a touchdown that very nearly killed the Dolphins on Sunday.

Higgins' big play gave the Raiders a 15-14 lead with 4:30 left in a game the Dolphins should have won by three touchdowns if you looked at the stats.

Chad Pennington, with the help of a fourth-down completion, drove the Dolphins close enough for rookie Dan Carpenter to kick a 38-yard field goal and a 17-15 victory.