Brady shows support for Moss

Can The Patriots Cut Ties With Moss? (1:02)

Adam Schefter on Randy Moss' future with the Patriots (1:02)

Instead of listening to Tom Brady's weekly spot on Boston all-sports radio station WEEI, I'm waiting to make my connection in the Tampa International Airport, where I've heard "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" three times in the past hour.

But ESPNBoston.com's Mike Reiss caught Brady's visit Monday morning with the "Dennis & Callahan Show" and has posted a partial transcript.

Most notably, the New England Patritos quarterback defended receiver Randy Moss amid allegations he quit on plays in Sunday's 20-10 victory over the Carolina Panthers.

A snippet from Brady, explaining a sideline conversation with Moss that was caught on camera:

“He is one of the favorite guys I’ve ever played with. He’s one of my good friends on the team. I’m always trying to keep everyone motivated, whether it’s the receivers or the offensive linemen.

"I know when we don’t make good plays, when I throw interceptions or there are dropped passes and fumbles, I’m always trying to go over and pump the other guy up. It’s easy to get down on yourself, and it’s always important to go back out there and keep battling, too.

"We did that definitely at times yesterday. Randy has definitely done that over the course of his career. He has to, because it doesn’t always go right. We didn’t certainly play our best game on offense, but we won and that’s what is most important.”