Week 15 power rankings: AFC East

A little AFC East movement occurred in ESPN.com's NFL Power Rankings for Week 15.

The AFC East went an impressive 4-0 on Sunday, and all three teams with playoff aspirations moved up a tad.

The influential power rankings consortium consists of ESPN senior writers John Clayton and Jeffri Chadiha, AFC South blogger Paul Kuharsky and NFC West blogger Mike Sando.

No. 9 New England Patriots

  • Last week's rating: No. 11

  • Best rating: No. 8 (Chadiha)

  • Worst rating: No. 11 (Clayton)

  • Note: A shaky victory over the No. 22 Carolina Panthers was enough to nudge the Patriots back in a positive direction. Two weeks ago, the Patriots plummeted five spots, the biggest fall in that poll. Their remaining schedule: No. 25 Buffalo Bills, No. 15 Jacksonville Jaguars and No. 20 Houston Texans.

No. 13 Miami Dolphins

  • Last week's rating: No. 14

  • Best rating: No. 11 (Kuharsky)

  • Worst rating: No. 15 (Clayton)

  • Note: The Dolphins continued their climb up the ratings from a season-low of No. 24 in September. They shot up five slots a week ago and grabbed another rung by beating the Jaguars on Sunday. The Dolphins finish against the No. 17 Tennessee Titans, Texans and No. 19 Pittsburgh Steelers.

No. 16 New York Jets

  • Last week's rating: No. 19

  • Best rating: No. 16 (Chadiha, Clayton, Sando)

  • Worst rating: No. 17 (Kuharsky)

  • Note: The Jets have ascended five spots in the past two weeks thanks to their second three-game win streak of the season. They have their first winning record since October after pulverizing the No. 31 Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Jets' remaining schedule: No. 18 Atlanta Falcons, No. 2 Indianapolis Colts and No. 7 Cincinnati Bengals.

No. 25 Buffalo Bills

  • Last week's rating: No. 26

  • Best rating: No. 23 (Sando)

  • Worst rating: No. 25 (Chadiha, Kuharsky)

  • Note: The Bills moved up a peg by defeating the No. 28 Kansas City Chiefs. The Bills have been the most consistently ranked AFC East team. While other teams have changed seven spots in a week, the Bills' have fluctuated that much all year. They were ranked No. 21 in the preseason poll and remained there through Week 4. Their lowest ranking was No. 27 three weeks ago.