Crowder tries to defend McNabb

DAVIE, Fla. -- Even Channing Crowder, the Miami Dolphins linebacker who said he didn't know they spoke English in London until just before he played a game in Wembley Stadium last year, knows NFL games end in ties.

But that didn't stop Crowder from trying to stick up for Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb, who revealed after Sunday's draw with the Cincinnati Bengals he didn't know sudden death ended when time expired.

"When it hits triple-zero, what's going to happen? It's timed," Crowder said Wednesday. "If it was real sudden-death overtime, there would be no clock. You would just go back and forth until somebody scored.

"I don't know the big deal they made out of it. I think Donovan was more upset than anything and just kind of talking. He thought about it and realized what he was saying. Otherwise, I don't think he would have said that dumb [stuff]."

Crowder was informed that reporters asked several followup questions to make sure they heard McNabb correctly and that McNabb continued to profess ignorance.

"If you time something, it's going to end. So when it ends, what happens? You've got to think outside the box. It's timed. When it ends what happens? The [game] is over. It doesn't happen that often. I guess he hadn't seen it before."

Crowder was told the last game to end in a tie was in 2002, McNabb's fourth year in the league.

"So he was playing when it happened," said Crowder, his face going blank. "I'm trying to defend my guy.

"I wasn't playing. I just know the time is going to end, and I've never seen double-overtime and there's not such a thing in the NFL. He was frustrated and got upset."