Johnson claims Ginn too afraid to race


GinnGinnIn a move reminiscent of AFC South raconteur Paul Kuharsky foolishly challenging me to a 40-yard dash at the ESPN blog summit last spring, Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson threw down the offer to Miami Dolphins receiver Ted Ginn over the summer on South Beach.

Johnson claims Ginn was a no-show.

Johnson and Ginn are considered among the speediest players in the NFL. They might be the fastest. Johnson broke the NFL scouting combine record with a 4.24-second clocking in the 40-yard dash in 2008.

But when Johnson was asked during Wednesday conference call with Dolphins reporters who was faster, Johnson sneered.

"That's not even a legitimate question," Johnson said on Palm Beach Post reporter Edgar Thompson's blog. "I don’t understand how I can sit here and answer for that for y’all."

Johnson, who told a similar story on Jim Rome's radio show Wednesday afternoon, explained that the challenge arose at a pool party in which Ginn and Dolphins outside linebacker Joey Porter claimed Ginn could beat Johnson.

Johnson walked down to Ocean Drive, ready to race, but said he wasn't surprised Ginn didn't show up "because he knew he was just talking."