Bills fans shouldn't expect Brohm in '09

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- Eight seconds doesn't sound like a lot. But when a coach stands silent for that long in front of dozens of waiting reporters, it can feel like an eternity.

Count out eight seconds in your head.

That's how long a bull rider has to stay on a Brahmin's back, and it's how long it took Bills interim coach Perry Fewell to formulate a diplomatic response when asked if he'd consider putting quarterback Brian Brohm in.

Based on Fewell's response, don't count on it.

"I don't know how far he is along in the development of our offense because he doesn't take the reps with our offense," Fewell said. "He takes the reps with our scout team and our look team.

"To put him in that position might be a recipe for failure for him. It might not give him the best opportunity. It might not show us what he really can do."

Bills fans have been eager to get a look at Brohm since they signed him Nov. 19 because their team appears lost at quarterback.

Trent Edwards had been propped up as the franchise quarterback for two years, but he was stripped of the starting job a month ago.

Ryan Fitzpatrick has gone 2-2 as the starter, but he has thrown for 98 and 86 yards his past two games. He has a 60.2 passer rating.

Fewell didn't totally slam the door on Brohm, a second-round draft choice the Bills signed off the Green Bay Packers' practice squad.

"You never say never," Fewell said. "You just approach each day as it comes. You approach each situation as it comes. You never rule out a possibility."