Ochocinco drooling over Revis matchup

Cincinnati Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco is getting jacked up for Sunday night's showdown with New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis.

Ochocinco, on a conference call with Jets reporters Wednesday, revealed coach Marvin Lewis won't remove his starters from a game that could be irrelevant to the Bengals but means the world to the Jets.

"I swear to God. I called Coach Lewis from after Sunday's game to this point at least 20 times," Ochocinco said. "I asked him the same question: 'Coach, please don't get me excited. How much are we playing?' He gave me that little giggle and then he said, 'We're playing the whole game. We're playing to win.'

"I said, 'OK. Now if you get me excited and you try to pull me out of the game, I'm not coming out. I will force you to use every timeout just to get me off the field.' That's what I plan to do. I'm not coming off the field. Period. If Revis is in there, I'm in the game. I'm not coming out."

Ochocinco has been animated for three days in anticipation of facing Revis, an NFL defensive player of the year candidate who was named a Pro Bowl starter Tuesday night.

"Look here, me and Revis is better than [Manny] Pacquiao and [Floyd] Mayweather. Period. Case closed," Ochocinco said. "I don't care what anybody is doing Sunday night. If you don't tune in to the game Sunday, you have no life. You have no life. You never seen a matchup like this ever before from my understanding.

"My friend Darrelle ... I call him Master Lock. Master Lock Revis has put a lot of great receivers on him this season. That will not happen this upcoming [week]. Darrelle Revis couldn't cover me in a brown paper bag on a corner of a Manhattan street in a phone booth. It's impossible."

Revis has been unbelievable this season. He has held Randy Moss (twice), Terrell Owens (twice), Andre Johnson, Marques Colston, Mike Sims-Walker, Steve Smith, Roddy White and Reggie Wayne to four or fewer receptions. Of that group, Sims-Walker's 49 yards were the most.

"I respect his work," Ochocinco said. "I sent out a tweet the other day, watching him on film. Jesus Christ, the man is good. He's good. I'm going to give him his props. He's a good friend of mine. Unbelievable feet, unbelievable hips, transition. He's extremely good at the line of scrimmage.

"He's just good, but that's what I love. ... This is what I look for on a Sunday and I finally get it. I haven't had an opportunity to play this type of individual in a very long time."