Dolphins draft 12th, Bills ninth

The end of the regular season means we pretty much know the draft order for the 20 teams that didn’t make the playoffs.

The Miami Dolphins own the 12th selection, while the Buffalo Bills have been slotted ninth based on their records.

Draft positions for the New England Patriots and New York Jets will be determined by how far they get in the postseason.

At this year's NFL owners' meeting, new rules were adopted to determine the draft order. Clubs that make the playoffs now will draft after those who don't get in. Teams that go deeper into the tournament will draft even later, with the Super Bowl winner getting the 32nd pick.

In the past, the first 30 picks were based on regular-season records. For example, last season, the San Diego Chargers won the AFC West but received the 16th pick, while the Patriots didn't go to the postseason and were slotted 23rd.

Much thanks to NFC West blogger Mike Sando for crafting this chart:

2010 NFL Draft

The chart shows projected NFL draft order for the first 20 choices, according to ESPN Stats & Information. The Bears, Broncos and Panthers traded away first-round choices.