Kiper's Big Board is a loaded draft menu

ESPN draft tycoon Mel Kiper has revealed the latest edition of his Big Board.

The New England Patriots and New York Jets won't be slotted until their seasons have concluded, but we do know the Buffalo Bills own the ninth spot and the Miami Dolphins are 12th.

With that in mind, we can take a look at Kiper's rankings (you do need to be an ESPN Insider to see the whole thing) and cogitate.

Kiper's Big Board is his ranking of the top players, not a mock of how the players will be selected.

What does he offer in the way of tackles for the Bills? He rates Russell Okung from Oklahoma State seventh, one of two tackles listed on the Big Board and the only one in the top 17.

If the Bills want a top quarterback, then Kiper seems to think one will have to plummet. Notre Dame's Jimmy Clausen is rated fourth, and Oklahoma's Sam Bradford is fifth.

The Dolphins could do worse than snagging Oklahoma State receiver Dez Bryant, who Kiper rates ninth, or Alabama inside linebacker Rolando McClain, who's 10th.

Take a look at Kiper's Big Board and the NFL draft order so far, then share your thoughts in the comments section below. Who do you want your team to draft?