Favre: Jets can't afford to be average

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham
Over the past few weeks, the New York Jets have evolved from a postseason hopeful to an AFC favorite and legitimate Super Bowl candidate.

Now they must learn how to deal with the expectations that come along with the standards they've set by knocking off the New England Patriots and undefeated Tennessee Titans in successive road games.

In Sunday's 34-17 home loss to the Denver Broncos, the Jets failed to put away a team they should have.

"All we have to do is do what we have done up to this point," Jets quarterback Brett Favre told reporters Wednesday at the team's headquarters in Florham Park, N.J. "It was not our best football the other night."

The Jets aren't the same team that went 4-12 a year ago and now must be ready for an opponent's best effort on weekly basis.

"We have proven that in the previous five games how well we had played," Favre said. "Now people have kind of come to expect that out of us. We need to expect that out of ourselves -- as I think we do -- and expect a team to give us their best.

"All of a sudden now people say, 'Hey, the Jets are pretty good. We have to play pretty good to beat them, and let's knock them off.' Kind of like us going to play Tennessee. We are going to get their best. So we have to play our best.

"We are not good enough yet to think that we can play average and get away with it."