Jack Frost throwing haymakers in Toronto

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham
TORONTO -- The forecasts for Orchard Park, N.Y., and Toronto are virtually identical for Sunday.

What I just walked through to get from my rental minivan with Alabama license plates -- thanks, Hertz! -- is a pretty good indication of conditions the Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins would have played in at Ralph Wilson Stadium as opposed to the climate-controlled comforts of the Rogers Centre.

The skies in Toronto are a gorgeous blue. The sun is bright with a few wispy clouds.

And in the 200 or so feet I strolled, my nose hairs froze and my eyes wouldn't stop watering. Oh, it's cuttingly cold here. The wind is so nasty it literally took my breath away for a few seconds.

That's what the Bills and Dolphins would have faced in Orchard Park.

Would that have been an advantage for the Bills players? Probably not. But it would have been a bigger distraction for the Dolphins, who practiced outside with temperatures around 76 degrees.

I imagine they would've struggled more with the Niagara region's wintry elements than the Bills would've.