Simms, Dierdorf discuss Jets-Chargers

The analysts from CBS Sports shared their thoughts in advance of Sunday's divisional playoff game between the New York Jets and San Diego Chargers in Qualcomm Stadium.

Phil Simms will be the color commentator for the game broadcast. He's most eager to watch Chargers receiver Vincent Jackson try to beat Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis.

"I can't wait to see Vincent Jackson against Darrelle Revis," Simms said. "If Revis has a great game, I don't know what it ensures because there are too many other guys who can catch and win the football game for the San Diego Chargers."

Simms on the Jets and Ravens: "We always say [Mark] Sanchez and [Joe] Flacco need their running games, and if that doesn't work they can't win. Let's think of Philip Rivers and Peyton Manning. If their passing game isn't working, how big of a chance do they have to win the game? You have to look at it both ways. We're going from arguably the two best passing teams in the NFL and comparing them to two different teams that do it an entirely different way. So can the Jets win if they don't have a great running day? Sure, they can. They can still make plays on defense. There can still be a few big pass plays in the passing game from Sanchez. And the same goes with the Baltimore Ravens. I expect the Jets and the Ravens both to try and sneak a few more passes in their game plan to keep it a little balanced because the competitive level is going up and so is the environment they're playing in."

Dan Dierdorf will be working Saturday's game between the Baltimore Ravens and Indianapolis Colts in Lucas Oil Stadium, but he weighed in on Sunday's game. Dierdorf is a huge fan of Jets coach Rex Ryan.

"He is a breath of fresh air," Dierdorf said. "You ask him a question, and he's got a direct answer to your question. So many coaches are concerned about speaking in coachspeak. They don't want to give away anything that they think may help the other team. They're very guarded in what they say. When he thinks it, he says it. And, quite frankly, his production meetings are a lot of fun.

"A personality is great, but it's an incomplete package if there's not discipline involved as well. Rex demonstrated over the course of this season that he's not afraid to call out a player who's not playing well, to sit somebody down. He has shown that he is the complete package in terms of he's got a nice personality, but he's not afraid to crack the whip either."

Dierdorf on the matchup: "If the Jets can't run the football effectively against San Diego, they can't win the game. I just don't think their passing game is capable of stirring them to a playoff win. So how aggressive will the Chargers be in trying to stop the Jets' running attack? The Jets are so one-dimensional offensively that that's where the whole game turns. Can the Jets run the football against San Diego? Because if they can't, I don’t see any way they can win."