Moss loses Pro Bowl fan balloting by 18 votes

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham
Fan balloting for the Pro Bowl is over, and they don't think any New England Patriots or Buffalo Bills belong in the Pro Bowl.

Although the coaches and players still need to add their input before the rosters are announced Dec. 16, the popularity contest counts for one-third of the process and is fun to track.

Five AFC East representatives finished atop their positions, including three Miami Dolphins, two of them rookies: outside linebacker Joey Porter, tackle Jake Long and kicker Dan Carpenter.

The other two were New York Jets: quarterback Brett Favre and guard Alan Faneca.

Here are some highlights gleaned from the final voting:

  • Patriots receiver Randy Moss finished 18 votes behind Broncos wideout Brandon Marshall.

  • Titans rookie Chris Johnson made a late chare to overtake Ronnie Brown, who had led every previous week in voting.

  • Favre finished with the second-most votes in the NFL.

  • The Carpenter campaign was a success.

  • Jets kick returner Leon Washington nearly caught Darren Sproles, who had been way out in front.

1. Brett Favre, Jets (880,833)
Comment: Favre finished with the most votes of any AFC player and second to only Saints quarterback Drew Brees. Peyton Manning was second among AFC quarterbacks, nearly 300,000 votes behind Favre.

Running back
2. Ronnie Brown, Dolphins (481,293)
4. Thomas Jones, Jets (311,784)
5. Marshawn Lynch, Bills (245,694)
Comment: Titans rookie Chris Johnson came from behind to eclipse Brown by a healthy margin with 543,170 votes.

3. Tony Richardson, Jets (159,459)
5. Heath Evans, Patriots (80,596)
Comment: LeRon McClain finishes on top with 192,854 votes.

Wide receiver
2. Randy Moss, Patriots (416,773)
Comment: Moss fans made a superb push, but their man came up an amazing 18 votes short of catching Broncos receiver Brandon Marshall.

Tight end
Comment: No AFC East tight end broke the top five in any given week.

3. Nick Mangold, Jets (207,609)
Comment: Mangold couldn't catch Kevin Mawae or Jeff Saturday.

1. Alan Faneca, Jets (343,531)
5. Logan Mankins (117,639)
Comment: Faneca had almost twice as many votes as second-place Eugene Amano.

1. Jake Long, Dolphins (207,114)
2. D'Brickashaw Ferguson, Jets (200,304)
3. Matt Light, Patriots (160,819)
Comment: Long led from the start and pulled away.

Defensive end
Comment: No AFC East representative ever cracked the top five.

Defensive tackle
3. Kris Jenkins, Jets (184,745)
5. Richard Seymour, Patriots (124,308)
Comment: Seymour makes his debut in the top five in the final week. Jenkins topped out at No. 2. Albert Haynesworth finished 61 votes shy of 400,000.

Outside linebacker
1. Joey Porter, Dolphins (328,619)
Comment: Porter finished ahead of second-place James Harrison by about 46,500 votes.

Inside linebacker
4. Tedy Bruschi, Patriots (90,063)
5. Jerod Mayo, Patriots (81,318)
Ray Lewis was untouchable with 315,738 votes.

Comment: No AFC East corner appeared in the top five -- not even Darrelle Revis -- because it's a loaded position.

Strong safety
4. Yeremiah Bell, Dolphins (36,021)
5. Brandon Meriweather, Patriots (28,922)
Comment: Troy Polamalu's 393,211 votes were more than three times as many as second-place Bob Sanders.

Free safety
4. Kerry Rhodes, Jets (66,582)
Comment: Ed Reed won in another runaway election with 279,083 votes.

1. Dan Carpenter, Dolphins (171,312)
Comment: Stuffing the ballot box worked for the undrafted rookie's supporters.

5. Brian Moorman, Bills (61,965)
Comment: Shane Lechler won with 108,116 votes.

Kick returner
2. Leon Washington, Jets (124,657) Washington pulled down roughly 13,000 more votes than Darren Sproles over the past week but still came up short by less than 4,000.

Special teamer
3. Patrick Cobbs, Dolphins (85,821)
4. Larry Izzo, Patriots (82,653)
Comment: Ravens specialist Brendon Ayanbadejo finished first with 160,423 votes.