Jets no jokes? Letterman finds 10

Whether the result of ridicule from opposing fans or Rex Ryan's one-liners, the New York Jets have elicited laughter all season.

David Letterman knows good material when he sees it. "The Late Show" host delivered "Top Ten Signs the New York Jets are Getting Cocky" entering the AFC Championship Game against Letterman's hometown Indianapolis Colts.

10. Offered to give the Colts a 14-point head start.

9. Just purchased IKEA shelving unit for Vince Lombardi Trophy.

8. Four words: field-goal kicking donkey.

7. Several confused Jets have called Eli Manning to say "See you Sunday."

6. Whole team is dating Jessica Simpson.

5. Posted playbook on Twitter.

4. Focus on tomorrow's practice: executing a flawless postgame Gatorade bath.

3. Players have this weekend off.

2. Instead of focusing on Colts receivers, Darrelle Revis negotiating a deal to host "The Tonight Show" in 2015.

1. Rex Ryan calling his abs "The Situation plus 40 years of cheese fries."