You'd be a fool to ignore this

For 102 minutes, many of the greatest minds ever to strike up bandwidth convened for a passionate exchange of life-altering philosophies on a wide array of weighty topics in my weekly AFC East chat.

If you weren't there, you missed out on what perhaps will be known forevermore as the most significant caucus of all mankind.

Some of the topics discussed included how the Miami Dolphins will approach the offseason, my pick for the AFC East title in 2010, that strange fungus I picked up while hanging out with Paul Kuharsky last weekend in Indianapolis, the candidates for Buffalo Bills defensive coordinator and whether or not I can dunk.

One of the questions that went unanswered because I didn't have the list in front of me was a rundown of the top nose tackles in this year's free-agency class because Dolphins and New England Patriots fans are concerned.

The biggest names include: Casey Hampton (Pittsburgh), Ryan Pickett (Green Bay) and Aubrayo Franklin (San Francisco). But franchise tags could keep any or all from hitting the open market.

One other major topic during the chat was a proposed AFC-NFC two-on-two blogger hoops showdown next week in Miami. Don King has gotten involved and wants to pit Pat Yasinskas and Kevin Seifert against Kuharsky and me, with a winner-drink-all jackpot at stake.

I can neither confirm nor dismiss this as authentic, but "Mel Kiper" dropped by the chat to provide his assessment of the matchup:

Yasinskas has the big body, but only average footwork and a below average jumper. Seifert is small with a quick first step, but doesn't handle the rock well. Kuharsky is slow but has the best aerodynamics. Graham has the biggest upside, but is consistent at missing shots. I think this may be a scoreless game.

"Kiper" might be right.

But if you take the time to read the AFC East chat wrap, you will become a winner -- at life. I guarantee it.