AFC East Week 11 decisive moment

The Miami Dolphins got rid of cornerback Jason Allen two weeks ago because he was a liability.

He continued to hurt them Sunday even though he was 1,300 miles away and wearing another uniform.

With 24 seconds left and trailing by four points, the New York Jets needed a touchdown against the Houston Texans. The Jets had the ball on the Texans' 48-yard line.

Allen, picked up to help an obviously desperate Texans pass defense, lined up against Braylon Edwards.

Edwards sprinted up the right sideline, drifted farther outside and got behind Allen with no resistance. Mark Sanchez feathered a gorgeous pass in between Allen and converging safety Eugene Wilson for an astonishingly easy 42-yard reception, moving the Jets to the 6-yard line with 16 seconds to go.

The Jets closed out their awesome triumph on the next play, another pretty Sanchez pass to Santonio Holmes in the left corner of the end zone.

But the long completion to Edwards was the backbreaker.