AFC East Week 13 decisive moment

The Miami Dolphins were in a must-win situation Sunday at home.

They never led the Cleveland Browns in Sun Life Stadium, but the Dolphins never were down more than a score, either. Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne found Anthony Fasano for a touchdown with 10:27 left to tie it at 10.

With 1:34 left remaining, the Dolphins took over on their own 25-yard line and had a timeout. At a minimum, they appeared on their way to overtime.

Ronnie Brown ran for 1 yard.

Henne threw an incomplete pass to Fasano.

Now the Dolphins were in a spot. They had a third-and-9 situation with 65 seconds left. The Browns still had all three timeouts.

Henne threw a pass to his left toward popular third-down target Davone Bess. Browns defensive end David Bowens stuck up a paw and deflected the ball. Defensive back Mike Adams snagged the ricochet and returned it to the Dolphins' 2-yard line.

Three kneeldowns later, Phil Dawson kicked a 23-yard field goal to deny the Dolphins another home victory.