Pirelli reveals Suzuka tyre selections

New tyre regulations explained (1:19)

Pirelli have displayed the new tyre regulations for the upcoming Formula 1 season. (1:19)

Pirelli has revealed the tyre choices for the Japanese Grand Prix, with Red Bull opting for a slightly different approach to Mercedes and Ferrari.

With the hardest tyres in Pirelli's range -- hard, medium and soft -- available for the weekend the selections have once again been very similar, as is the case for the Malaysian Grand Prix. Both Mercedes and Ferrari have decided to split the hard and medium allocations between their drivers, though they differ slightly on the softest compound -- Mercedes choosing eight, Ferrari choosing nine.

Red Bull have given both its drivers four hard, three medium and six soft tyres, which is the most conservative selection on the grid for the weekend. Sebastian Vettel is the only driver to have one set of medium tyres, otherwise no team's selections really stand out from the rest.

Selections in full below: