DraftWatch: Dolphins slide to No. 9

The good news for Miami Dolphins fans is their team put forth a dominant effort in a 34-14 win over the Oakland Raiders. The bad news is the victory slid the Dolphins four spots to No. 9 in April's NFL draft.

Head coach Tony Sparano has his team playing well. Miami is 4-1 in its last five games and has become the NFL's most dangerous spoiler. But without the team going to the playoffs, it's not too early to consider Miami's draft position.

The Dolphins are expected to take a hard look at quarterback prospects. Stanford's Andrew Luck will be long gone. But Miami could consider USC's Matt Barkley, Okalahoma's Landry Jones and Baylor's Robert Griffin III, who are all battling to be the No. 2 quarterback selected.

The Dolphins (4-8) have another winnable game at home this week against the Philadelphia Eagles (4-8). No one would be surprised if Miami wins at least two more games in the final month. That could knock a Dolphins team once considered firmly in the Luck Sweepstakes out of the top 10.

Here is the NFL draft order after Week 13:

1. Colts 0-12

2. Rams 2-10

3. Vikings 2-10

4. Jaguars 3-8

5. Redskins 4-8

6. Panthers 4-8

7. Browns 4-8

8. Eagles 4-8

9. Dolphins 4-8

10. Buccaneers 4-8

*ESPN's Stats and Information