Dolfans hope Henne's on verge of breakout

For the first time in his NFL career, Miami Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne heads into a season knowing he's the starter.

HenneHenne"With this year underneath my belt and studying what I had to improve on, what I liked in myself, it's great to come out here and be comfortable, knowing the offense and going out there and executing," Henne told reporters Wednesday after an open workout.

That peace of mind could help propel Henne from prospect to star, according to Scouts Inc. analyst Jeremy Green.

In an ESPN Insider column, Green names Henne among the four players who are ready to make a leap to elite statusInsider. Also on the list is Arizona Cardinals running back Beanie Wells, San Francisco 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree and Green Bay Packers tight end Jermichael Finley.

Green is high on Henne because the third-year pro possesses serious tools, had almost an entire season's worth of experience and should challenge defenses with new receiver Brandon Marshall.

Green writes:

Even though last season's numbers were a little disappointing, I believe this will be Henne's season. ... Henne has great physical tools. He can drive the ball downfield, throw into the deep outs and deep curls with excellent velocity, and fit the ball into tight windows. As last season progressed, he got a better understanding of how to change arm motion and velocity to be more accurate on underneath throws. I think he will make great strides this season not only on the field but also off the field in terms of developing into a big-time leader at his position.

Marshall is looking forward to building a relationship with Henne. Marshall won't be able to practice until training camp because of recent surgery, but he has liked what he has seen of Henne so far.

"He's awesome," Marshall said. "Straight shooter, all about business, the type of quarterback you want to play for and play with.

"Just watching him today, his arm is really talented. It's not just one of those arms that is straight strong, but he's accurate. That's what I've noticed in these few days and past couple of weeks working with him. So I'm excited to get out there and get on the same page as him."