Final Word: AFC East

Five nuggets of knowledge about Week 9.

The Jets want Mark Sanchez to stop pouting. To force Sanchez into acting as regal as a franchise quarterback should, offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer and backup quarterback Mark Brunell have been fining Sanchez for undesirable body language. This sounds like "Romper Room" stuff. Remember when the Jets color-coded Sanchez's play-call wristband last year? Schottenheimer suggested the fines are enacted for fun, but the team obviously felt something needed to be done. Perhaps the fines will help Sanchez refrain from whining to officials, gesturing to his receivers over drops or haggling with pizzeria employees over 59-cent dipping sauces.

We won't know how Randy Moss could have helped Miami until we see him in Tennessee. The Dolphins could have had the future Hall of Fame receiver -- maybe the best deep threat in NFL history -- but declined to claim him off the waiver wire Wednesday and see what he could do with Brandon Marshall and Davone Bess. The Dolphins had 18th priority. The Titans got him at 22nd. We can imagine the impact Moss could've made for Miami, both positive and negative. The Dolphins' offense is struggling. Marshall lobbied for the Dolphins to grab him. Moss would have been a downfield threat and forced safeties to hang deep, opening up greater opportunities for Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams. Moss also might have torn apart a young team from the inside out with his antics. The Titans might represent Moss' last NFL chance. If he wakes up, minds himself and plays well in Nashville, only then will Dolfans know how much they missed out.

The Bills' reward for being road warriors? A "home" game in Toronto. The Bills haven't won a game, but they're still clawing and scratching. They lost their past two games by an overtime field goal on the road. What a pleasant change it would be to play in Ralph Wilson Stadium. Problem is, this is the week the Bills will play the Bears in Toronto as part of the $78 million package of games they sold off. The Bills last played a true home game in Week 5. With a bye, regular roadies and the Toronto subsidy, the Bills will go 35 days between games at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

Stats add up for a comfy Patriots victory in Cleveland, but that won't happen. The Patriots have the NFL's best record, while the Browns rank 31st in scoring offense, 28th in total offense, tied for 12th in scoring defense and 22nd in total defense. But the Browns seem to play out of their Riddells against great teams. They knocked off the Saints a couple weeks ago in the Superdome. The Browns also are coming off a bye week, and head coach Eric Mangini always has a surprise or two in store for his mentor/rival Bill Belichick. The Patriots clearly are the superior team, but this matchup could be too close for comfort.

Cameron Wake will have a better Baltimore homecoming than Aaron Maybin did. Although six years in difference, Wake and Maybin grew up 20 miles apart in Maryland. They both were noted pass-rushers at Penn State. Two weeks ago, the Bills made Maybin, their disappointing 11th overall pick last year, a healthy scratch in Baltimore. Perhaps he needs to do what Wake did to get a foothold in the NFL: reinvent himself by changing his name and going to play in Canada. Actually, the Bills are playing in Toronto on Sunday against a team that has given up the most sacks. Hmmmm ... I predict if Maybin plays, then he will record his first NFL sack on a field where Wake collected several. Maybin's odds would increase if he changed his name, as Derek Wake did a few years back.