Brady elusive on family matters

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham
FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Now we're confused.

Tom Brady, in the first extensive group interview session since his knee crumpled nearly nine months ago, answered a question about how time away from football allowed him to enjoy his family a little more.

The newlywed seemed to confirm a weekend report his wife, supermodel Gisele Bundchen, is pregnant.

"I cherish those moments," Brady said. "There's been great things happening in my life for a long time, and certainly this year was no different in different areas of success with marriage and with children.

"It's a great part of my life, and so is work. I'm excited for all those things coming together. I think I'm a happier person when I'm working."

Uh, children?

Brady, who has a son with actress Bridget Moynahan, laughed, slumped his head and stammered.

"No, it's ... No," Brady said unconvincingly. "One is enough. I've got dogs, and that's all I need."

He sure looked like a harried husband in a photo that appeared in today's Boston Herald. He's on a bicycle with son Jack behind him and a little dog in the basket.

Not exactly the image one prefers for their franchise quarterback.

But here's what Randy Moss had to say on the subject when I talked to him Monday.

"Tom Brady is human," Moss said. "Is he allowed to have a life? If the man gets married, the man gets married. If he has a wife, he has a wife. If he starts a family with Gisele, then he starts a family. He's a human, and humans are supposed to live their lives.

"A lot of people don't look at him as a human being. They look at him as God. There's only one god, and that's the man up above.

"I believe Tom Brady is going to lead us down the right path, and I plan on playing my career out with Tom Brady. I love what he brings to the table and I love the way he leads us."