Fullback an under-the-radar Bills need

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham
Maybe because they're largely interchangeable parts who play for near the league minimum, fullback has been an overlooked position on the Buffalo Bills' roster.

The Bills have one fullback, re-signing Corey McIntyre for two years in February.

But the Bills still are trying to upgrade. They're hosting free-agent fullback Cecil Sapp on Thursday and could use one of their seven draft picks on a bulldozer.

Why? Because the Bills last year owned the fourth-worst conversion percentage on third and fourth down with a yard to go.

The Bills had one of the best one-two backfield punches with thundering runner Marshawn Lynch and the versatile Fred Jackson and a Pro Bowl left tackle in Jason Peters. But they converted only 55.2 percent of their third and fourth downs when they needed only 1 yard to move the chains.

ESPN's Stats & Analysis research shows the Bills were in good company, at least. Two of the three teams that were worse in this category played in the Super Bowl.

The Philadelphia Eagles were the least successful at 50 percent, but they made the playoffs, too.