Rex Report: Tebow Live

CORTLAND, N.Y. -- Rex Ryan hasn't ever allowed live tackling of a quarterback in training camp, but he's never had Tim Tebow. The Jets coach said it was easy to see why today was Tebow's best day in practice.

"That's because we got to do a little live football," Ryan said.

On the day Tebow got in some goal-line work, he took a direct snap in a Wildcat-type play and ran the ball up the middle to score. The red jersey didn't matter, and starter Mark Sanchez won't be risked in the same way.

"Mark's going to slide," Ryan said. "Tim's going to lower his shoulder and run the safety over."

Ryan who was late to his news conference on Thursday after forgetting about it, also addressed the running backs. Shonn Greene jumped the pile on the goal line twice to get the ball into the end zone, but Ryan focused on another back.

Bilal Powell has been having an impressive camp, and today got some reps with the first-team offense.

"Powell has really been impressive, did a great job picking up the blitz as well," Ryan said. "When you look at his background, in college it took him a couple years to get going and then he had a monster year. Hopefully, he's ready to have that kind of season for us this year."

A report surfaced that the Jets were looking to add running back Cedric Benson, but Ryan shot it down.

"I don't believe there's any truth to that," he said.

The offense carried the day, which means they will get black jerseys for Friday morning's practice, which is closed to the public. Sanchez said he started sizing up his teammates on the offense at the end of practice for jerseys, and Ryan said he went up to linebacker Bart Scott and said, "What size is that jersey? Yeah, that'll fit."

Ryan didn't have an update on Santonio Holmes' soft-tissue injury.

"Do I expect him back?" Ryan said. "I certainly hope so. Soon."