Players deal with doubts in AFC East

We'll see what sort of drama the New York Jets provide for us when they open training camp Monday.

A Darrelle Revis holdout perhaps?

So far, the rest of the AFC East is 3 for 3 with personnel uncertainties.

The Buffalo Bills don't know whether two-time Pro Bowl pass-rusher Aaron Schobel will retire or return. I gave my take on that situation Friday night.

Miami Dolphins quarterback Pat White was a mysterious no-show Friday and the subject of season-ending reports until arriving Saturday morning.

And the New England Patriots have two players who surprised them with retirement talk.

Outside linebacker Derrick Burgess hasn't reported to camp and is said to be contemplating retirement. Then wide receiver David Patten went ahead and made his official.

Patten announced Saturday morning that he was done playing.

"I honestly felt like I could still play this game and play at a high level," Patten said. "I felt the competitive spirit and nature was still there, but over the course of the last two days and over the course of the break [before training camp] away from the team, there was a lot of reflection. There was a lot of contemplation.

"I just felt like it was time. It just hit me [Friday]. Camp was going really well. I was still able to go out and be competitive and operate at a high level, but I believe once you get to the point in your career where it's multiple years -- it would be my 13th year -- and you're thinking about it mentally and you're not 100 percent into it mentally wise, it's tough to play this game. I always felt like when I got to that that point, it would be in my best interests to walk away."

Hear that, Schobel?