Dolphins victory restores imagination

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham
Feel free to unload, Dolfans.

Before Sunday's road game against the New England Patriots, I posted an item that noted the Miami Dolphins likely would dip below .500 in the post-Don Shula era for the first time since 1996.

Well, I wasn't wrong. A loss certainly was likely.

But the highly unlikely occurred in Foxborough, Mass. The Dolphins won, 38-13, in a rollicking affair that certainly will make the Patriots rethink everything they do.

Ronnie Brown ran for four touchdowns and threw for another. The last time a player scored four touchdowns of any type in addition to throwing for one was Paddy Driscoll for the Chicago Cardinals against the Rochester Jeffersons in 1923.

So the Dolphins are now 98-97 since Shula retired after the 1995 campaign. Based on the thrashing they applied Sunday, maybe they'll be able to stay above .500 for a while, but they'll need to keep pulling off upsets to do it.

As do the other AFC East teams, the Dolphins have a soft schedule, but many of their easier games take place in November and December. The Dolphins' next game will be against the San Diego Chargers on Oct. 5. The Dolphins will play the 3-0 Buffalo Bills and Denver Broncos in Weeks 7 and 8.

But after what happened Sunday, anything seems possible, doesn't it?