Can Kevin Kolb succeed in Buffalo?

The Buffalo Bills are usually a place where quarterback careers go to die.

It happened to Drew Bledsoe, who went from a Super Bowl participant with the New England Patriots to a 23-25 record in three seasons as Buffalo’s starter. It happened to Rob Johnson, Kelly Holcomb, Ryan Fitzpatrick and several other quarterbacks who failed at their chance to start and lead Buffalo during its league-high 13-year playoff drought.

Can new Bills quarterback Kevin Kolb end the streak of bad quarterbacking in Buffalo?

Conventional wisdom says no. Kolb is on his third team in seven seasons. There are various reasons things didn't work out for Kolb with the Philadelphia Eagles and Arizona Cardinals, and the Bills have issues of their own. They are a team in transition with a new head coach, new offensive and defensive coordinators and a new attitude.

But the good news is Kolb has decent weapons around him. He has dynamic tailback C.J. Spiller in the backfield. Kolb also has a 1,000-yard receiver in Steve Johnson, although he's nowhere close to Kolb’s favorite target (Larry Fitzgerald) in Arizona. More importantly, Kolb has a solid offensive line in Buffalo that is light-years ahead of what the Cardinals had last season.

Kolb likely will never develop into the franchise quarterback the Eagles and Cardinals hoped he would be. But if Kolb is solid for a year or two in Buffalo and provides a bridge to the future for a 2013 draft pick (Ryan Nassib? Landry Jones? Tyler Bray?), that's all the Bills can ask for.