Out of Office AutoReply: I'm not here

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham
Some of you are finally getting your wish.

I'm going away.

But I'll be back in three weeks. Enjoy your reprieve while you can. I'm going into deep cover while I pack all my belongings and move into a new home 1,300 miles away.

Where am I moving? I don't know yet. Somewhere in Western New York. I got outbid last week for the house I wanted, so the search continues. But I have to be out of my place in Coral Springs, Fla., by July 15 because the new owner is moving in.

Just because I'm away doesn't mean you won't find new material on the AFC East blog. Some previously assigned stories with my byline will post in my absence. ESPN.com's diligent editorial crew will update the blog with roundups, videos, podcasts and other bric-a-brac.

But I won't be tending to the usual live features such as the weekly AFC East chat or mailbag.

Part of my return north will include a stopover to spend time with the folks in Ohio. Regular readers know that means I'll visit with their neighbor, Amish draft expert Eli Yoder, who made his debut on the AFC East blog in April. I hear Yoder has some strong predictions about the upcoming season. I'll be sure to pass them along and maybe convince Yoder to let me take his picture for you.