Wiley recalls Bills camp fight as best ever

Mike And Mike: Camp Fight Stories (3:56)

Marcellus Wiley and Mike Golic share their favorite training camp fight stories (3:56)

Marcellus Wiley, sitting in as co-host of "Mike & Mike in the Morning," boasted he saw "the best camp fight live and in person ever."

The fight occurred during Wiley's rookie training camp with the Buffalo Bills in 1997. Smallish linebacker Damien Covington went Macho Man Savage on veteran tackle Glenn Parker.

Turns out, unbeknownst to Parker, Covington was an All-American high school wrestler.

"It's just a little, bland skirmish for a second," Wiley told co-host Mike Golic, "and then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, Damien picks him up by the waist and ... flips him entirely upside down. His head is now his feet. His feet is now his head. I mean, straight up and down, and pile drives him

"When we walked in that locker room, the first thing we did was turn on TV and watch 'SportsCenter.' ESPN must've played it for three, four weeks of training camp. It was the biggest highlight of a fight I've ever seen, and it was amazing because you didn't think it was humanly possible."

Asked Golic: "Did it end the fight?"

Wiley recoiled in laughter.

"Did it end the fight?" Wiley said. "It ended this guy's career, at least in Buffalo. We didn't see him anymore."

Parker didn't make the final roster that year. He started five more years in the NFL with the Kansas City Chiefs and New York Giants.

Wiley misremembers some of the minor details such as heights and weights and thought he was doing Parker a favor by not mentioning him by name, but the fact Wiley and Covington played together only one season made searching for specifics rather easy on the Internet.

Here's how Allen Wilson of the Buffalo News described it:

During a nine on seven drill, the two had words and exchanged a few shoves and punches.

Then came the good stuff.

Parker grabbed Covington by the neck and twisted his helmet off. But Covington, the Bills' smallest linebacker at 5-foot-11, 236 pounds, retaliated by picking up the 6-foot-5, 300-plus-pound Parker and slamming him to the ground. Parker landed on his head, but was not hurt.

Covington made the roster, but it was his final year in the NFL. He was shot and killed while trying to prevent a robbery in December 2002.