Namath: Super Bowl talk 'justified' for Jets

New York Jets immortal Joe Namath made the media rounds Thursday at training camp. Namath delivered a series of compelling interviews, and one of his livelier visits was with Mychal Thompson and Andrew Sicliano of 710 ESPN in Los Angeles.

Namath called Peyton Manning the greatest quarterback of all-time (no mention of Tom Brady on his short list), shared his thoughts on Brett Favre, recalled how he got recruited by Howard Schnellenberger to play for Alabama, mulled the media scrutiny he would have faced in today's NFL and reminisced about The Guarantee.

Here's what Namath had to say about the Jets' expectations for 2010 and his take on QB fraternity brother Mark Sanchez:

"We have better weapons than we've ever had here -- that I can see -- since we have won a championship. Our coach, first of all, has proven in this league that he's a very sharp defensive man. He knows how to operate the defense. The players love working for him.

"We are justified in believing that we have a better team than last year because of some people that we've brought in as well as Mark Sanchez having improved so much. Mark as a raw rookie last year did a fine job. Meantime, he has the package now.

"The big difference, of course, for Mark was everything was so new to him, the faces, the playbook, learning NFL defenses as well as his own offense. He's sharp. He went to work last year and put in more time studying, convinced his teammates and coaches that he knows what he's doing.

"He got a lot of training on his feet out there. Most quarterbacks sit around for a couple of few years and get some training. Well, he got it while he was on his feet, and that's going to be a major help for this team this year."