49ers want tips from Bill Parcells

The idea of Bill Parcells serving two masters is amusing.

He has served only one master his entire career -- himself.

But you have to question how ethical it would be for Parcells, who's still affiliated with the Miami Dolphins as a consultant (according to their head coach) to be giving advice to the San Francisco 49ers on how to run their club.

ESPN's Adam Schefter reported Wednesday that 49ers president Jed York not only wants to speak with Parcells for a reference on general manager candidate Trent Baalke, but also would like Parcells' organizational guidance.

"I really don't know much about it," Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano said of Schefter's report. "So don't want to comment."

Sparano then was asked if Parcells still is considered a Dolphins employee.

"Yeah," Sparano replied.

Parcells' work status is significant here. He could leave the Dolphins at any time and still be paid his contract in full. He also would then be allowed to work with another team if he wanted to.

But the Dolphins' last official update on Parcells' affiliation with the team came in September. They announced Parcells no longer was vice president of football operations, but was staying on as a consultant. Shortly thereafter, Parcells cleaned out his office and purportedly worked on a pop-over/phone call basis.

But Sparano's reaffirmation that Parcells remains involved creates a dicey situation for the Dolphins, the 49ers and the NFL, as Miami Herald columnist Armando Salguero passionately noted on his blog.

Parcells and York absolutely could speak about Baalke's job candidacy. Parcells hired Baalke as a scout for the New York Jets in 1998 and would be an obvious reference to contact for any team interested in hiring Baalke as GM.

But for another club to ask a handsomely paid Dolphins consultant for tips on running an organization sounds way out of bounds.