10 minutes you'll never get back

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham

It took us an hour and a half to get through Friday afternoon's AFC East chat. But you'll need only about 10 minutes to read through the transcript by clicking here.

A couple riveting examples of the types of exchanges you'll read:

Bill (York, PA): Speaking of the Bills trying, yet coming up short (again): What's your opinion of Cameron Wake? He didn't cost Miami a whole lot? In my opinion, he's a much better fit in Miami's 3-4 than in Buffalo's whateveryouwanttocallit. Your thoughts?

Tim Graham: I'm skeptical of any CFL Paul Bunyan story. I lived in Buffalo long enough and have spent enough time in Canada to know these tall tales pop up every year, but they're usually quarterbacks. That so many NFL teams were in pursuit of Cameron Wake leads me to believe there's something there. One person explained it to me as the team that signed him would be getting an extra first-day draft pick this year.

Tim Tebow: This just in: I've cured cancer, fixed the economy and restored Telly Savalas to a full mane of hair.

Tim Graham: Did you let Telly out of his coffin before you gave him hair, or were you just being cruel to his corpse?