Jets-Dolphins going green at QB Monday night

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham

Miami Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano said Monday night's game against the New York Jets is "not going to be for the meek."

What Sparano was getting at is that both teams have strong defenses and love to run the ball.

But another element that could make for a rugged night is if the quarterbacks perform commensurate with their experience.

Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne made his first NFL start last week and did little more than hand off. I wrote last week about the hardships Henne might endure against the Jets.

New York Jets rookie Mark Sanchez has four starts to his name and is coming off a game in which he committed four turnovers, two that were pounced on for New Orleans Saints touchdowns.

Their five combined starts will tie for the third fewest in the history of "Monday Night Football."

Here's the list, excluding 1987, when replacement players were used:

  • Five starts: Randy Wright, Green Bay Packers (four starts) versus Mike Tomczak, Chicago Bears (one start) in 1986.

  • Four starts: Joe Reed, San Francisco 49ers (two starts) versus Jerry Tagge, Packers (two starts).

  • Three starts: Vince Ferragamo, Los Angeles Rams (zero starts) versus June Jones, Atlanta Falcons (three starts).