Breaking down the tight ends: Miami

Scouts Inc.'s Matt Williamson breaks down the tight ends of each AFC East team. Today: Miami Dolphins.

Anthony Fasano might not be the most dynamic tight end in the league, but he is a very underrated all-around player. He battled several injuries for much of the 2010 season, but his toughness was obvious and he was quite productive. Blocking is his forte -- and he is among the best blocking tight ends in football. But Fasano also is a good receiving option. He won’t stretch the field or make a lot of big plays, but he is reliable in the middle of the field and near the goal line.

Mickey Shuler was the only other Dolphins tight end to record a catch in 2010. But Shuler lacks the power to play every down and isn’t dynamic enough to create mismatches in coverage. Jeron Mastrud, Joey Haynos and Dedrick Epps also are in the equation, as is sixth-round pick Charles Clay. Mastrud needs a ton of work as a blocker, but his height and athleticism are reasonably intriguing. But still, Mustrud doesn’t play the game with enough leverage. Haynos also is very tall, but he is heavier and far more physical than Mastrud. Haynos isn’t a playmaker at all as a receiver. Epps is a young player who could develop. Epps has upside and might just surprise. Clay is a jack-of-all-trades who might have a tough time finding a niche in the NFL. But Clay does have some upside as a receiver.

Miami would be wise to consider signing a backup tight end for Fasano. Actually, adding a tight end to the current crop would be a good move for every team in this division with the exception of New England.

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