AFC East mock draft board

Wednesday we opened the floor for our first blogger mock draft of 2012. My vote counts for half and the community board counts for the other half.

The AFC East will stay true to our board. Here are the final results:

Miami Dolphins (No. 8 overall)

Analysis: The Dolphins are in a tough spot, despite having the best pick in the division. I do not like Tannehill at No. 8. But the Dolphins botched their quarterback situation so badly this offseason that I think they almost have to take Tannehill if he’s available. Matt Moore and David Garrard are not the long-term solutions and have just one year left on their contracts. Tannehill provides some hope, even if he’s just holding a clipboard in 2012. Reiff would fill a need, but I wouldn’t draft a right tackle in the top 10. I think Ingram would be solid at No. 8 to provide a pass rush opposite outside linebacker Cameron Wake.

Buffalo Bills (No. 10 overall)

Analysis: I was surprised how fast Floyd is moving up everyone's draft board. Buffalo fans lately are in love with the Notre Dame product. Floyd was the top choice on the community board. I’m still a little nervous about Floyd in the top 10, but he did make the end of my list. I still like Reiff here at left tackle. Buffalo rotated three players there last year, and they need a bookend to protect quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick’s blind side.

New York Jets (No. 16 overall)

Analysis: Power to the people on this one. I had the same three players as Jets fans in the AFC East blog. But Upshaw and Barron are so close in my book that I’m getting out of the way. If both are on the board, I’m trusting my Jets scouts and going with Upshaw. You'd better be right, Jets scouts. The New York media will get on my case very hard if I pass up the best safety in the draft for a bust, knowing that safety was a huge need.

New England Patriots (No. 27 and No. 31 overall)

Analysis: With two picks at the end of the first round, we went with the top five options. I knew this ballot would be all over the place. But here is what I like most: The final board is defense, defense, defense. That is something we can all agree on. Mercilus was the consensus top pick for myself and Patriots fans. Konz did make the top three, but he would be a backup behind Dan Connolly. Any defensive pick in the first round this year has a chance to start right away for New England's 31st-ranked defense.