For Seau, 2009 will be a 40-year dash

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham

In honor of John Wooden's 99th birthday, ESPN Stats & Information came up with some trivia to put his age in perspective. Seau

For instance, he has seen 18 presidents elected and U.S. involvement in seven international wars. He was 54 years old when Marin Luther King received the Nobel Peace Prize, 69 when Wayne Gretzky scored his first NHL goal and 75 when the New York Jets retired Joe Namath's number.

In the spirit of chronological context, let me also point out that Wooden had won less than half of his 10 NCAA basketball championships when Junior Seau was born on Jan. 19, 1969.

Now that's old.

A month and a half into the regular season, the New England Patriots on Wednesday officially announced they've brought back Seau, the 12-time Pro Bowl linebacker.

Seau becomes the oldest non-kicker in the NFL and the fourth-oldest player overall -- for now. New Orleans Saints kicker John Carney is 45 years old, but he was signed to replace Garrett Hartley, whose four-game suspension ended Monday.

Here are the five NFL players who are quadragenarians:

  • John Carney, Saints kicker, 45

  • Jeff Feagles, Giants punter, 43

  • Matt Turk, Texans punter, 41

  • Junior Seau, Patriots linebacker, 40

  • Brett Favre, Vikings quarterback, 40