Jaws: Fitzpatrick has shaky mechanics

On Sunday we mentioned that ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski ranked Ryan Fitzpatrick of the Buffalo Bills No. 24 in his quarterback rankings. Fitzpatrick is better than AFC East quarterbacks Tim Tebow and Matt Moore, according to Jaworski, but behind New York Jets starters Mark Sanchez and Tom Brady of the New England Patriots.

According to Jaws, Fitzpatrick's issues and inconsistencies come from poor mechanics.

"I looked again at the Bills' early-season victory over the Raiders. Fitzpatrick orchestrated as impressive a late-game drive as you'll ever see," Jaworski said. "There's no question Fitzpatrick can play at a high level, at times, but here's the dose of reality: As I've studied him, I've really struggled with his inconsistent mechanics. The result: accuracy issues, too many missed opportunities. The ball was badly underthrown. There was a reason for that."

This is something that Buffalo’s coaching staff and Fitzpatrick have acknowledged in the offseason and have worked diligently to improve. Fitzpatrick is one of the streakiest quarterbacks in the NFL, and Buffalo will have a hard time making a playoff push if he cannot consistently play at a high level this year.

For Fitzpatrick to reach the level Buffalo expects, Jaworski says mechanics are the key.

"Many factors go into consistent, week-to-week quarterback play. Mechanics are not talked about enough," Jaworski said. "Ryan Fitzpatrick is very erratic with both his footwork and throwing motion. While there's really a whole lot to like, those problems lead to a ranking of 24 on my quarterback big board."