Morning take: Mercury Morris likes Packers

Here are the most interesting stories Thursday morning in the AFC East:

Morning take: Nothing against Mercury Morris. But why does the media always go to him when there's an undefeated team late in the season? There were plenty of great players from the unbeaten 1972 Dolphins. Let's hear their thoughts as well.

Morning take: For all the criticism of New England's defense, this group is solid against the run, ranking ninth in the NFL in yards allowed per game. Wilfork is a major reason. He's even helped the pass defense with a couple of unexpected interceptions.

Morning take: Where would the Bills be without Levitre? He may be the only lineman to start at guard, tackle and center this season.

Morning take: I'm excited to watch this game. I've seen both teams play in person this year and think it's an interesting style matchup. We will have plenty on this game throughout the day.