Stephen Ross: South Florida about football

DAVIE, Fla. -- There is a growing debate in Miami. The topic: Is South Florida changing from a football town to a basketball town?

The perfect storm is taking place in Miami sports. Both the Dolphins and Miami Hurricanes' college football team cannot get their act together, while the Miami Heat just won an NBA championship. The Heat, led by LeBron James, had Miami abuzz in the spring and summer during their title run. Basketball dominated the airways in South Florida and captured fan interest in a way the Dolphins have not for a while.

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross recently touched on the subject.

"The Heat winning, I don’t need to be motivated any more than I am, to be very honest with you," Ross said. "I think it’s great for Miami that the Heat does win. But, at the same time, South Florida is about football and I think fans will feel a lot better when the Dolphins are winning in the Super Bowl."

Is Ross correct? Is Miami still a football town?

The Dolphins have struggled to sell out Sun Life Stadium, while the Heat do not have that problem. At the very least, the Dolphins must step up their game sooner than later.