Brady, Tebow on Forbes' influential list

ESPNBoston.com reporter Mike Reiss passed along an interesting item that underscores Tom Brady's standing in the sports world.

Forbes magazine assembled its top 10 list of the most influential athletes.

Brady ranked second, but first among the traditional big four sports.

  1. Jimmie Johnson, NASCAR driver

  2. Tom Brady, Patriots quarterback

  3. Dale Earnhardt Jr., NASCAR driver

  4. Shaquille O'Neal, Celtics center

  5. Michael Phelps, swimmer

  6. Troy Polamalu, Steelers safety

  7. Peyton Manning, Colts quarterback

  8. Jeff Gordon, NASCAR driver

  9. LeBron James, Heat forward

  10. Tim Tebow, Broncos quarterback

No baseball or hockey players or golfers made the rundown. Tiger Woods, for obvious reasons, dropped off the list. Lance Armstrong also was absent because he retired.